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In this guide, you can learn how to memorize difficult English Words in an easy way by learning meanings, synonyms, antonyms with different examples. You can learn how to use vocabulary in your writing to improve your expression. You can also get vocabulary that is most of the times repeated in different competitive examinations that will help you while writing in any CSS/PMS, FPSC/PPSC examinations. Ecommercetutors is a best platform for serious students which are eager to learn.


Target Words

  • afraid, agree, angry, arrive, attack, bottom, clever, cruel, finally, hide, hunt, lot,
    middle, moment, pleased, promise, reply, safe, trick, well
  • adventure, approach, carefully, chemical, create, evil, experiment, kill, laboratory,
    laugh, loud, nervous, noise, project, scare, secret, shout, smell, terrible, worse
  • alien, among, chart, cloud, comprehend, describe, ever, fail, friendly, grade,
    instead, library, planet, report, several, solve, suddenly, suppose, universe, view
  • appropriate, avoid, behave, calm, concern, content, expect, frequently, habit, instruct,
    issue, none, patient, positive, punish, represent, shake, spread, stroll, village
  • aware, badly, belong, continue, error, experience, field, hurt, judgment, likely,
    normal, rare, relax, request, reside, result, roll, since, visible, wild
  • advantage, cause, choice, community, dead, distance, escape, face, follow,
    fright, ghost, individual, pet, reach, return, survive, upset, voice, weather, wise
  • allow, announce, beside, challenge, claim, condition, contribute, difference, divide,
    expert, famous, force, harm, lay, peace, prince, protect, sense, sudden, therefore
  • accept, arrange, attend, balance, contrast, encourage, familiar, grab, hang, huge,
    necessary, pattern, propose, purpose, release, require, single, success, tear, theory
  • against, beach, damage, discover, emotion, fix, frank, identify, island, ocean,
    perhaps, pleasant, prevent, rock, save, step, still, taste, throw, wave
  • benefit, certain, chance, effect, essential, far, focus, function, grass, guard,
    image, immediate, primary, proud, remain, rest, separate, site, tail, trouble
  • anymore, asleep, berry, collect, compete, conversation, creature, decision, either,
    forest, ground, introduce, marry, prepare, sail, serious, spend, strange, truth, wake
  • alone, apartment, article, artist, attitude, compare, judge, magazine, material, meal,
    method, neighbor, professional, profit, quality, shape, space, stair, symbol, thin
  • blood, burn, cell, contain, correct, crop, demand, equal, feed, hole, increase,
    lord, owe, position, raise, responsible, sight, spot, structure, whole
  • coach, control, description, direct, exam, example, limit, local, magical, mail,
    novel, outline, poet, print, scene, sheet, silly, store, suffer, technology
  • across, breathe, characteristic, consume, excite, extreme, fear, fortunate, happen,
    length, mistake, observe, opportunity, prize, race, realize, respond, risk, wonder, yet

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