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This book is proposed for complete programming learners or common people who do not know about any programming language but want to study White hat Career. Let’s clear it first: White hat Career is not related with any type of unlawful electronic actions. They always stay within rules. This book is envisioned for those people; young and old; who are ingenious and interested; and want to develop a innovative hobby or take up internet security occupation acting as White hat Career. Keeping in mind that we’ll also come to know about Python 3 programming language to improve our skill as White hat Career. This book is not envisioned for any kind of malevolent user.

As a White hat Career, you will study how to protect yourself. To protect yourself, sometime you need to counter your enemy. But it is a part of your protection system. It is a part of your protection strategy. More you know about your enemy’s plan, more you can protect yourself. You need to learn those techniques that are frequently used by the mischievous crackers. They use the same technique that you use to protect yourself. Whether you are a White hat Career or a mischievous cracker, you do the same thing. You use the identical software tools to outbreak the security system. Only your determination or intention differs.

Notes                                    Beginning As White Hat Career with Python

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In this book, you will get to know the following content:

with the starting you will learn these topics 

  • Legal Side of White hat Career
  • Environment of White hat Career
  • Networking What Does Network Mean?
  • Installing Virtual Box
  • Installing Kali Linux
  • Other Operating Systems on VB
  • Linux Terminal, Basic Commands Summary

Later With The Second Half

  • Python 3
  • White hat Career
  • Python Environment
  • General Syntaxes Create the main() function Indentation
  • White Space Commenting Assigning Values
  • Variables, Objects
  • Values Using Numbers String
  • What is Type
  • ID Logical Values Tuples And Lists Dictionary Object
  • Conditionals
  • Loops While Loops For Loops
  • Regular Expressions Using “re” Module Reusing With Regular Expressions Searching with Regular Expressions
  • Exceptions, Catching Errors
  • Functions Return Values Generate Functions Lists of Arguments Named Arguments
  • Classes Object-Oriented Methodology
  • The Foundation of Object Orientation Understanding
  • Classes and Objects Write Your Own Game, “Good Vs Bad” Primary Class and Object Accessing
  • Object Data Polymorphism Using Generators Inheritance Decorator
  • String Methods
  • File Input And Output
  • Containers Operating on Tuple
  • List Object Operating on Dictionary Object
  • Database Let us start with SQLite3 MySQL for Big Project
  • Module
  • Debugging, Unittest Module
  • Socket and Networking
  • Importing Nmap Module
  • Building an Nmap Network Scanner

In Third Half You will Learn About 

  • Protect Anonymity on the Internet
  • Dark Web
  • Tor Hidden Wikipedia
  • Proxy Chains
  • Virtual Private Network or VPN
  • MAC Address

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