English Grammar Step by Step Learning Free PDF Download

This grammar explains basic English Grammar ideas and rules in an easy way with examples. In this grammar, you can learn each and everything including Tenses, Parts of Speech, Active/Passive, Direct/Indirect, Auxiliary Verbs, Analogies, Clauses, Correction of Sentences, Punctuation, One Word Substitution and Predicate. This grammar will help you to improve your English Writing and Speaking Skills through learning core concepts and basics.

Contents that are included in this book:

  1. Tenses
    • Present
    • Past
    • Future
  1. Modals
  2. Active/Passive
  3. Direct/Indirect
  4. Reporting Speech
  5. Reported Speech
  6. Auxiliary Verbs
  7. Parts of Speech
    • Noun
    • Pronoun
    • Verb
    • Adverb
    • Adjective
  1. Clauses
  2. Analogies
  3. Correction of Sentences
  4. Prepositions
  5. Punctuation
  6. One word Substitution
  7. Predicate
  8. Comprehension
  9. Composition
  10. Precis Writing
  11. Translation Passages
  12. Pair of Words
  13. Idioms
  14. Phrasal Verbs
  15. Important Vocabulary
  16. Synonyms
  17. Antonyms

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