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Building Chatbots with Python Step by Step Guide Free PDF Download

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This guide has been written with immense care to keep the teachings of this book very pragmatic and results-oriented. Building chatbots isn’t just about following a tutorial or following a few steps, it’s a skill in itself. This book certainly won’t bore you with a lot of text and process to read; rather, it adopts the learning-by-doing approach. You must have already used at least one chatbot to do something in your life. Whether you are a programmer or not, once you go through this book, you will find the building blocks of chatbots, and all the mysteries will be unraveled.
Building chatbots may seem difficult on the outside, but this book makes it easy for you. Our brain is not designed to process complex concepts directly; rather, we learn step by step. When you read this book, from the first chapter to the last, you will see how clearly things are progressing. Although you can jump straight to any chapter, I highly recommend starting with the first chapter as it is sure to reinforce your thoughts. This book is like a web series where you won’t be able to resist the next chapter after finishing one. Any chatbot you interact with after going through this book will create an image in your mind of how that chatbot is designed and built internally.

Who This Book Is For

This book will be a great resource for learning the concepts related to chatbots and how to build them. Those who will find this book useful include:
• Python web developers looking to expand their knowledge or career in chatbot development
• Students and aspiring programmers who want to learn new skills through hands-on experience to present something and stand out in the crowd
• Natural language enthusiasts looking to learn how to build a chatbot from scratch
• Budding entrepreneurs with a great idea but not enough information on the technical feasibility to build a chatbot
• Product/engineering managers planning a chatbot-related project

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