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Computer Storage and Storage Devices Free PDF Download

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Computer Storage and Storage Devices

1. Storage devices

  • Optical Devices
  • Magnetic Devices
  • Semiconductor Devices

2. Primary storage

  • read only memory (ROM)
  • random access memory (RAM)
  • flash memory.
  • cache memory.

3. Secondary storage

 Types of secondary storage devices

  • Hard disk
  • Magnetic Tape
  • USB flash
  • Compact disc (CD)
  • Solid-state storage
  • Optical storage devices
  • Secure Digital Cards (SD Card)s
  • Floppy Disks.
  • DVD and Blu-ray Discs

4. Bus

5. Working of a bus

6. Architecture of Bus

7. Types of bus

  • Data bus
  • Address Bus
  • System bus
  • Control bus
  • Universal Serial Bus

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