Computing with Data An Introduction to the Data industry Free PDF Download

Machine learning, data analysis, and artificial intelligence are becoming fast growing things in our lives, and more focused to the high technology industry. These areas play a vital role in most of the recent and upcoming revolutions in computing like: social networks, making video on demand, personal assistants (for example, Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant), and auto driving cars. In short, Machine learning and crowdsourcing data will be the most used technologies in the next five years in every industry.

Ecommercetutors is a platform providing quality stuff to the readers without any cost. Here, you can download books, magazines, publications, and notes on a single click. In this book, you can learn about Essential Knowledge of Computer Hardware like: RAM, ROM, CPU, The Graphics Processing Unit, Binary Representations, Assembly Language, Interrupts, The Memory Hierarchy, Multicores and Multiprocessors Computer. Moreover, this book will provide you all about different Operating Systems including Windows, Linus, and MacOS; The Graphics Processing Unit; The Kernel, Traps, and System Calls; Process Management and Memory Management; The File System; Users and Permissions; Input and output; and Networking.

Basics of C++ is also given in detail in this guide for the beginners and expert programmers as well. One Dimensional Arrays and Multidimensional Arrays is also well explained. After reading this book, you can feel yourself an expert of Programming Techniques.


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