Data Science Loses its Luster


Data Science Loses its Luster



Now a day every type of person and every Computer Science student wanted to get a career in the data science field by looking its benefits in future and for securing their futures. If we talked about this field so it is also attracted students from many other educational backgrounds and more benefits for their lives. But the importance and the hype around data science still exists because it still serve in many job but the profile is not readily available for all.

In the past few decades have the biggest revolution for the data science community and data science. Overall every type of developments in the past two decades are very useful and magical and it have taken by everyone by the storm. Applications which is developed by data science have amassed all the industries and increased the demand and scope of data scientists.

But now it is a world of advancement and there are so many changing held nowadays. Data science demand is no longer the same as before it is need of every one. Even now a small amount of demand for data scientists and either the people have not much skills about handling the data science and not too much experienced people available now. These the major reasons why data science lose its charm anyway.

There are some reasons why data science loses its luster

  • Now People are not able to start their careers in the field of data science.

People become in very hurry about everything they want everything before the time but data science needs skilled person and experience maximum 2 to 3 years but people want to kick start their careers as a data scientist as soon as possible. But the jobs of data science offerings require a minimum of 2 to 3 years in most of the cases and it lose the charm of data science. People as we discuss above in hurry and people are not able to directly start their career as data scientist and they need to start their career in different works.

  • The People are not aware and have no idea about the difference between Data Analyst and Business Analyst and Data Scientist

The major reason and lose behind this field is people have not knowledge and idea about job in this field because there are so many jobs in one field it up to the people how people avail the opportunity and people never understand and the field day by day in big loss. People want the tittle of data scientist without hard work and without any effort to done and even understands the data science.

  • The People find Data Science too easy and never understands the deep terms of it

In data science field people wants to know about the field without learning the algorithms of math which is must and most important in data science. in other words data science is depends upon math and math is a major thing to learn and people find the math algorithm difficult and they want to skip it and field in loss.


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