Introduction to Deep Learning For Beginners With Examples

What is Deep Learning?

Deep learning is the subset of machine learning that has networks accomplished of learning unsupervised from knowledge that’s unstructured or untagged, conjointly referred to as deep neural learning or deep neural network. Deep learning artificial intelligence is ready to find out without human direction, drawing from data that’s each unstructured and untagged.


Download Introduction to Deep Learning free in PDF. In this PDF notes you will learn about its procedures, tools and techniques. This notes is very useful and helpful for beginners. In this notes you’ll learn fundamentals of machine learning for deep learning.  Examines convolutional neural networks, and also the continual connections to a feed-forward neural network. Describes the notion of distributed representations, the idea of the auto encoder, and also the ideas behind language process with deep learning.

In this notes you will learn basic introduction of machine learning. This practical notes is very useful for researchers, developers and students. You can easily understand its concepts by real time examples. You can download this notes free from here.

You can Cover These Topics:

from Logic to Cognitive Science

The XOR Problems

Mathematical and Computational Prerequisites

Probability Distribution

Logic and Turing Machine

Machine Learning Basics

Elementary Classification Problems

Evaluating Classification Result

Feedforward  Neural Networks

The Perception Rules

The Delta Rule

Modification and Extension to a Fed-Forward Neural Networks

The Idea of Regularization

Convolution Neural Network

The Third Visit to Logistic Regression

Recurrent Neural Networks

Sequence of unequal Length

Auto encoders

Learning Representation

Stacking Auto encoders

Neural Language Models

An Overview of Different Neural Networks Architectures

Energy-Based Models

Memory Based Models


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