Learn Data Structures and Algorithms Using C++ Step By Step PDF Notes

We are providing you with second edition of Data Structures and Algorithms in C++ that is designed to deliver an overview to data structures and algorithms; comprising their design, analysis, and application. In terms of curriculum based on the IEEE, this book is suitable for use in the different courses that are taught in computer sciences. We deliberate its use for such courses in more detail later in this guide.

The major topics that are covered in this edition are given below:

  • We added more illustrations of data structure and algorithm study.
  • We improved consistency with the C++ Standard Template Library (STL).
  • We merged STL data structures into a number of our data structures.
  • We added a section on arrays, linked lists, and iterators.
  • We added a part on memory management and B-trees.
  • We improved the discussion of algorithmic design methods, similar to dynamic programming and the greedy technique.
  • We abridged and rationalized the presentation of code fragments.
  • We have presented STL-style iterators into container classes, and also have presented C++ applications for these iterators, even for complex structures like hash tables and binary search trees.
  • We have adapted our priority queue interface to practice STL-style comparator objects.
  • We prolonged and studied exercises, enduring our approach of distributing them into reinforcement, originality, and project exercises.

This guide holds the same pedagogical method and universal structure as Data Structures and Algorithms has in Java, the code fragments are completely redesigned. We are careful to enable full use of C++’s abilities and design code in a way that is constant with modern C++ practice. In specific, whenever suitable, we make wide use of C++ basics that are not included in Java, including the C++ Standard Template Library (STL).

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