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Practical Docker With Python Step by Step Guide PDF Download

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Docker has shattered in admiration and has become the de facto mark as a containerization image format as well as a containerization runtime. With contemporary applications getting more and more difficult, the augmented focus on micro services has led to implementation of Docker, as it permits for applications along with their dependencies to be packaged into a file as a container that can run on any system. This permits for faster improvement times in application disposition and less difficulty and it contradicts the chances of the “it works on my server but not on yours” problem. Practical Docker with Python covers the basics of containerization, gets you familiar with Docker, breaks down terminology like Docker file and Docker Volumes, and takes you on a channeled tour of building a chat bot using Python. You’ll learn how to package a traditional application as a Docker Image.

This guide is divided into several parts; we start the first part with a brief overview to Docker and containerization. We then take a 101 class of Docker, comprising installing, configuring, and understanding some Docker jargon. In next part, we take a look at our project and look at how to configure our chat bot. Furthermore, we dive into the meat of Docker, focusing on Docker files, Docker Networks, and Docker Volumes. These parts include practical exercises on how to integrate each of these into the project. Finally, we take a look at Docker Compose and see how we can run multi-container applications.

In this Guide, you’ll get complete knowledge about below mentioned points:

  • Introduction to Containerization
  • What Is Docker?
  • Docker the Company
  • Docker the Software Technology
  • Understanding Problems that Docker Solves
  • Containerization through the Years
  • Docker 101
  • Installing Docker
  • Installing Docker on Windows
  • Installing on MacOS
  • Installing on Linux
  • Understanding Jargon around Docker
  • Hands-On Docker
  • Building the Python App
  • About the Project
  • Setting up Telegram Messenger
  • BotFather: Telegram’s Bot Creation Interface
  • Newsbot: The Python App
  • Understanding the Dockerfile
  • Build Context
  • Docker ignore
  • Building Using Docker Build
  • Dockerfile Instructions
  • Guidelines and Recommendations for Writing Dockerfiles
  • Multi-Stage Builds
  • Dockerfile Exercises
  • Understanding Docker Volumes
  • Data Persistence
  • Example of Data Loss within Docker Container
  • Docker Volume Exercises
  • Understanding Docker Networks
  • Why Do We Need Container Networking?
  • Default Docker Network Drivers
  • Working with Docker Networks
  • Docker Networking Exercises
  • Understanding Docker Compose
  • Overview of Docker Compose
  • Installing Docker Compose
  • Docker Compose Basics
  • Docker Compose File Reference
  • Docker Compose CLI Reference

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