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Practical Node.js Beginners Guide Free PDF Download

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Practical Node.js brings you from the installation of all the necessary modules to writing full-stack web apps.

Practical Node.js that is Constructing Real-World Scalable Web Applications is a hands-on guide for developing web applications and services by leveraging the rich network of Node.js packages. This is significant because real applications need many components, such as security, deployment, code organization, database drivers, template engines, and more. That’s why we comprise extensive coverage of third party services, command-line tools, npm modules, frameworks, and libraries.

Just to give you some idea, Practical Node.js is a one-stop place for getting started with Express.js 4, Hapi.js, DerbyJS, Mongoskin, Mongoose, Everyauth, Mocha, Jade, Socket.IO, TravisCI, Heroku, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and many other technologies. Most of these are vivacious for any serious project.

In this notes, we’ll create a few projects by building, step by step, a forthright concept into a more complex application. These projects can also assist as a boilerplate for jump-starting your own development struggles.

The examples also show industry best practices to help you avoid costly mistakes. Last but not least, many topics serve as a reference to which you can always return later when you’re faced with a challenging problem.

Another caveat of this handouts (and virtually any programming stuff) is that the versions of the packages, we use, will eventually become outdated. Often, this isn’t an issue because, in this notes, versions are specified and locked explicitly. So, no matter what, the examples will continue to work with notes’ versions.

Even if you choose to use the latest versions, in many cases that might not be an issue because essentials remain the same. However, if you go this off-path route, once in a while you might be faced with a breaking change introduced by the latest versions.

While reading this notes, you’ll get to know about Setting up Node.js and Other Essentials; Installing Node.js and npm; One-Click Installers; Installing with HomeBrew or MacPorts; Installing from a Tar File; Installing Without sudo and Installation from Source Code.

This notes is very useful for Multiversion Setup with NVM; Multiversion Setup with NVM for Windows; Alternative Multiversion Systems; Updating npm; Checking the Installation; Node.js Console (REPL); Launching Node.js Scripts; Node.js Basics and Syntax; Loose Typing; Buffer—Node.js Super Data Type and Object Literal Notation.

Moreover, the basic elements of Java Script such as Functions; Arrays; Prototypal Nature; Conventions; Node.js Globals and Reserved Keywords; dirname vs. process.cwd; Browser Application Programming Interface Helpers; Node.js Core Modules; Handy Node.js Utilities; Reading to and Writing from the File System in Node.js; Streaming Data in Node.js; Installing Node.js Modules with npm; Taming Callbacks in Node.js; Hello World Server with HTTP Node.js Module; Debugging Node.js Programs; Core Node.js Debugger; Debugging with Node Inspector; Node.js IDEs and Code Editors; Watching for File Changes.


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