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About this Book:
This eBook is a reference guide to instruct you thru the system of mastering Python ALL-IN-ONE and the way to use it in modern applications, along with data science, AI, physical computing, and robotics. If you are seeking to study plenty of interesting things, then this is the book for you. It offers you an introduction to the topics that you will need to head deeper into any of those areas of technology.
This e-book instructs you via the Python Programming language after which it takes you on a tour through a few genuinely cool libraries and technology (the Raspberry Pi, robotics, Artificial Intelligence, information technological know-how, and so forth) all revolving around the Python Programming language. When you work on new initiatives and new technology, Python is there for you with a very diverse range of libraries simply ready so one can use them.
This is a hands-on eBook. There are examples and codes all throughout the e-book. You are predicted to take the code, run it, after which modify it to do what you want. You don’t simply purchase a robotic, you build it so that you can understand all the portions and might make the experience of the way Python works with the robot to control all the automobiles and sensors. Artificial intelligence is complicated; however, Python facilitates making a vast part of it reachable. Data technology is complicated, but Python helps you do Data technology extra effortlessly. Robotics is complicated, but Python gives you the code that controls the robotic.
In this e-book, we take you through the fundamentals of the Python language in slight, easy-to-understand steps. After the introduction of the language, we go into the world of Python and AI, discovering programming in machine learning and neural networks using Python language and TensorFlow and really working on basic problems and real software, not just dummy applications.
Lastly, you will understand the magic of what we call “physical computing.” Using the minor, cheap Raspberry Pi computer (it’s small, but extremely popular) we express to you how to use Python to control engines and read devices. This is an initiative for our final book, “Python and Robotics.” Here you learn about building a robot and how to regulate that robot with Python and your own build programs, even using artificial intelligence.

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