Quick Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS and HTML5 from Scratch PDF Notes

About this Book:

The combination of PHP and MySQL is the maximum convenient technique for dynamic, database-driven web layout, conserving its very own within the face of challenges from integrated frameworks—inclusive of Ruby on Rails—which might be tougher to study. Due to open-source roots (in contrast to the competing Microsoft .NET Framework), it is free to implement and is, therefore, a really popular option for internet development. Any could-be developer on a Unix/Linux or even a Windows/Apache platform will need to master those technology. And, combined with the partner technology of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5, you will be capable of creating websites of the quality of industry requirements like Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail.


This e-book is for those who want to discover ways to create effective and dynamic websites. This may additionally consist of site owners or graphic designers who are already creating static websites but wish to take their abilities to the subsequent degree, as well as excessive college and university college students, latest graduates, and self-taught people. In reality, each person ready to learn the basics in the back of the Web technology referred to as Ajax will acquire a radical grounding in all of those center technology: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5.

Organization of This Book:

The chapters in this e-book are written in a specific order, first introducing all of the core technology it covers after which strolling you thru their installation on an internet development server in order that you’ll be equipped to work via the examples. In the first phase, you’ll advantage of a grounding in the PHP programming language, protecting the basics of syntax, arrays, functions, and item-orientated programming. Then, with PHP below your belt, you’ll pass directly to an introduction to the MySQL database system, wherein you will analyze the whole lot from how MySQL databases are structured to how to generate complex queries. After that, you’ll learn how you may integrate PHP and MySQL to begin creating your own dynamic internet pages by integrating bureaucracy and different HTML capabilities. Following that, you may get all the way down to the nitty-gritty practical aspects of PHP and MySQL improvement via studying plenty of useful features and the way to manage cookies and periods, as well as how to keep an excessive degree of safety.
In the next few chapters, you will gain a radical grounding in JavaScript, from simple functions and occasion coping to getting access to the Document Object Model and in-browser validation and blunders coping. With the expertise of all three of these core technology, you may then learn how to make in the back of-the-scenes Ajax calls and flip your websites into particularly dynamic environments. Next, you’ll spend chapters studying all about the use of CSS to fashion and lay out your web pages, earlier than moving directly to the final section on the brand new features constructed into HTML5, including geolocation, audio, video, and the canvas.
After this, you’ll put together the whole thing you’ve found out in an entire set of packages that collectively constitute a totally practical social networking website. Along with the manner, you’ll also discover plenty of hints and recommendations on desirable programming practices and pointers that could help you find and remedy hard-to-discover programming errors. There also are lots of hyperlinks to websites containing in addition details at the subjects covered.

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