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Ecommercetutors is providing you one liner complete PDF notes of whole month. This platform is help you to keep yourself updated for any competitive examinations. In this notes you will get all about General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, English (Synonyms/Antonyms/Correction of sentences/words substitution), General Science and Ability, Islamiat, and Computer Sciences. You can also get updated material regarding CSS/PMS, FPSC/PPSC and all one paper competitive examinations. You can download complete PDF file for free.

Current Affairs

  • Chinese Defence minister Gen Wei is on a three-day trip to Pakistan
  • Pakistan on Tuesday started loading fuel to the 1,100MW nuclear power plant in Karachi while the AJ&K government signed agreements with a Chinese company for construction of a 700MW hydropower project.
  • The United Nations launched a $35-billion global appeal on Tuesday to help more than 235 million vulnerable people in 2021, including 5 million in Pakistan.
  • Iran`s parliament on Tuesday approved a bill that would suspend UN inspections of its nuclear facilities and require the government to boost its uranium enrichment if European signatories to the 2015 nuclear deal do not provide relief from oil and banking sanctions.
  • Chinese spacecraft lands on moon. If the mission is completed as planned, it would make China the 3rd nation to have retrieved lunar samples after the US and the USSR.

General knowledge

  1. Which planet has longest rotation period: Venus
  2. Highest point of North America: Mount McKinley
  3. Capital of Brunei: Bandar Seri Begawan
  4. Lightest metal: Lithium (Microlattice)
  5. Diamond is an allotropic form of: Carbon

English (Synonyms)

  1. Antagonize : (v) to cause to become an enemy or opponent
  2. Beleaguered: (adj.) in difficulties; experiencing a lot of criticism and difficulties
  3. Fortitude: (n) firm and lasting courage in bearing trouble
  4. Nonchalant: (adj.) calm and relaxed; casual.
  5. Eschew: (v) to avoid habitually, especially for moral or practical reasons.

Islamiat (Incidents that happened in 8th Hijri)

  1. Introduction of the Minbar(preacher’s pulpit in a mosque)
  2. The Conquest of Mecca
  3. The Battle of Unain and Tabuk
  4. The Birth of Ibrahim (son of the Prophet PBUH)
  5. Martyrdom of Ja’far ibn Abu Talib, Zaid ibn Harithah, Abdullah ibn Ruwahah


  1. On a linear bus topology cabling can be extended by using: Barrel Connector
  2. The media access control sub layer resides in which layer: Data Link Layer
  3. How many pairs of computers can simultaneously communicate on Ethernet LAN: Multiple
  4. A device which connects multiple nodes to the network is: A Hub
  5. ISDN stands for: Integrated Service Digital Network


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